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Land Mobile Radio
P25 and TETRA.

PowerTrunk™ is dedicated to delivering next-generation Land Mobile Radio solutions for voice and data communications to the North American market.  Our end-to-end native Ethernet IP design ensures your network is powerful, secure and reliable today – while providing the flexibility to cost-effectively scale and upgrade tomorrow.

Count on us: we have almost 40 years of experience designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting digital and analog LMR for 300 networks in over 50 countries.

Powerful • Secure • Reliable • Upgradable


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■  Academy Bus company rolls out TETRA network coverage for New York City with PowerTrunk More…
■  PowerTrunk TETRA assists NJ Transit for Super Bowl support More…
■  Telex and PowerTrunk announce joint development of IP-based dispatch console for TETRA More…
■  PowerTrunk Announces first commercial Tetra Network in
     the United States begins operation at NJ Transit.. More…

■  Potomac Spectrum Partners, LLC partners with PowerTrunk. More…
■  First North American TETRA customer network now live at
     BC Hydro. More…

In the News:
TETRA Today North America Issue May 2013 Download..
 The opportunity for TETRA in North America Roundtable Download...
■  BC Hydro executive answers questions about planned
     PowerTrunk TETRA network
■  TETRA is being used around the world, without the interference to
     other technologies that many fear

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 TETRA Congress Americas: November 13th – 15th
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