Systems Product List

  • PowerTrunk-T


    TETRA is an open standard for LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems originally developed according to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) specifications and recommendations. The PowerTrunk-T infrastructure system for TETRA mobile radio networks delivers excellent coverage, security, and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost-effective scalability. Throughout the system our engineering exceeds standard […] Read more

  • MBS


    PowerTrunk‘s Mast-Mounted Base Station (MBS) has been prepared to be easily installed on towers or wall-mounted with minimum cost. Its design does not require an additional unit at the base of the tower. These advantages considerably reduce installation costs, making the MBS a very economic system to deploy. The MBS is a complete single-carrier TETRA […] Read more

  • PBS


    The Portable Base Station (PBS) is a TETRA base station based on the PowerTrunk MBS (Mast-Mounted Base Station). Its light weight (less than 40 kg.) and its design with wheels make it possible to transport by a single person. With the same TETRA functionality as a standard PowerTrunk-T Site Base Station, it is the best […] Read more

  • DBS


    The Deployable Base Station (DBS) is a TETRA base station of reduced dimensions and easily transportable. Its design is based on the PowerTrunk MBS (Mast-Mounted Base Station). The DBS can be easily deployed and installed in any place where coverage needs to be improved or network traffic capacity increased. In addition, the DBS may be […] Read more

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