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  • PowerTrunk-T


    The PowerTrunk-T infrastructure system for TETRA mobile radio networks delivers excellent coverage, security, and reliability in a platform designed for efficient implementation and cost-effective scalability. Throughout the system our engineering exceeds standard requirements where it matters most. PowerTrunk-T is the only TETRA system that is fully 100% Ethernet / IP based. A secure and reliable […] Read more

  • MBS


    Its design does not require an additional unit at the base of the tower. These advantages considerably reduce installation costs, making the MBS a very economic system to deploy. The MBS is a complete single-carrier TETRA base station. Its main goal is to improve coverage in shadow zones, or for where an indoor base station […] Read more

  • PBS


    This accessory consists of a two-wheeled trolley to bear the weight of the MBS to allow the user to effortlessly move it over all kinds of surfaces. The PBS may be connected to the PowerTrunk-T TETRA Control Node, or SCN, of the network to act as a quickly deployable base station placed anywhere a new coverage area is needed to be set up. In […] Read more

  • DBS


    The DBS can be easily deployed and installed in any place where coverage needs to be improved or network traffic capacity increased. In addition, the DBS may be of great use in the event of natural disasters, making it possible to replace damaged communications infrastructure quickly or to provide service to affected areas in which […] Read more

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