TETRA Transport


TETRA+LTE to revolutionize train-to-ground communications

Product information

RTP-800 is the world-class on-board radio terminal that comprises narrowband and broadband radio technologies in a single compact rack, combining the advanced performance of TETRA with additional data bearers based on LTE and Wi-Fi technologies.

The RTP-800 has been specifically designed as a full-featured on-board radio terminal, the best choice to meet all communication needs in the very demanding transportation sector:  critical voice, critical short data, data for rail signaling, and broadband data for CCTV and other applications.

The new easy to install EN50155/EN45545 compliant compact device is configured as a single hardware platform that supports multiple configurations.

RTP-800 offers wide connectivity possibilities with Ethernet, serial ports, and Wi-Fi, as well as a digital audio switching matrix that streamlines integration with train audio subsystems:

  • Connection to the TCMS (Train Control Management System) via Serial or Ethernet ports.
  • Connection to ATS (Automatic Train Supervision).
  • Connection to PIS (Passenger Information System).
  • Alarms and events management.
  • Interconnection with PA (Public Address) and Intercom Systems to extend their operation throughout the radio network.
  • Digital inputs and outputs.
  • Location via GPS.
  • Connection to signaling applications such as CBTC and PTC.


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Technical Specifications

Dimensions 19” 2U
Weight: 10 Kg. aprox.
Maximum consumption: 150 W
Nominal voltage: +24V, +48, +72V, +96V and +110VDC according to EN 50155.
Second power supply for rack redundancy or output power 12 VDC / 15W

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