Whether for a mine, port, airport, factory, or any other type of industrial or commercial activity, radio communications a critical role in ensuring worker safety and optimizing daily operations.

PowerTrunk’s TETRA solutions provide a cost-effective, mission-critical digital communications network with advanced subscriber units, including with GPS, Bluetooth, and WAP browser, that allow mobile data from work management applications.


TETRA delivers:

  • Mission-critical radio functionalities
  • Simultaneous voice and data transmission
  • Cellphone-like communication capabilities

…in a single ruggedized radio.

Mission critical communications boost productivity while keeping workers safe

Business customers manage complex tasks which could mean significant gain or loss of productivity to their organizations. Communication systems need to be operational 24x7 and be able to provide workers the tools to boost performance.

Cellular phones have been found to cause distractions to the workforce, causing accidents, sometimes fatal. PowerTrunk's mission-critical grade HTT-500 TETRA radio fills the gap with additional features included as standard, such as full-duplex private call capability, Bluetooth, and WAP browser for data applications.

Industry Functionality Benefit
Mining Flexible IP architecture Coverage adapts to operational needs
Oil and Gas Data Services SCADA based Telemetry applications
Airport Operations Dynamic Group Number Assignment Flight Oriented Dialing
Hotels & Casinos WAP enabled radios Hotel management applications
Hospitals Hotel management applications Paging capabilities
Manufacturing facilities Bluetooth enabled radios Indoor location for emergency
Campus Full Duplex Private Calls User Friendly and Privacy

PowerTrunk Product Range for Commercial Applications

Mast-Mounted Base Station (MBS)

PowerTrunk‘s Mast-Mounted Base Station (MBS) has been prepared to be easily installed on towers or wall-mounted with minimum cost. Its design does not require an additional unit at the base of the tower. These advantages considerably reduce installation costs, making the MBS a very economic system to deploy.

The MBS is a complete single-carrier TETRA base station. Its main goal is to improve coverage in shadow zones, or for where an indoor base station is not necessary or recommended. Its modular design allows it to be easily upgraded to two TETRA carriers with an additional unit. Furthermore, as the MBS is designed for outdoor operation, the system is able to work under the harshest climatic conditions.

The system includes a complete set of software tools to maintain the unit, even remotely. Intuitive and easy-to-use applications allow the modification of user profiles, system configuration, or monitoring network status from a friendly Graphic User Interface.

Designed for integration with the PowerTrunk-T system, the MBS provides an unrivalled set of TETRA services; unique when compared to any other similar unit.

The HTT-500 portable radio is all about coverage, audio quality, and reliability.

It is a high power TETRA radio for improved coverage, and also provides 1 Watt speaker audio power, 18+ hours of battery life, and offers the latest features including Bluetooth® connectivity, WAP browser, GPS module, and man-down capability. The HTT- 500 is solid, tough, and durable, yet small and light-weight. Its intuitive graphical color interface is easy to learn and efficient to use even in the most demanding situations.

Unique in its class, the PowerTrunk MDT-400 mobile radio provides excellent coverage and versatility that makes a difference.

Its 10 Watts* of RF output power provides the best TETRA coverage available in the TETRA market by far. In addition, specialized off-the-shelf solutions and a remarkably flexible design allow the unit to be tailored for complex applications such as telemetry.

It’s easy to appreciate why the MDT-400 mobile radio is used in so many networks around the world.

*Consult for 800 MHz

Mast Mounted Base Station:
Single Site with full TETRA capabilities

PowerTrunk’s Mast Mounted Base Station (MBS) provides a complete TETRA solution packed in an outdoor housing suitable for deployment in harsh environments such as mining or military deployments. The MBS ensures full TETRA radio functionality and 4 radio channels in a single unit with no need of additional network controllers. Additional capacity can be equipped by adding a second unit.

Whether it is a shadow area or a temporary/ transportable deployment the MBS will satisfy the coverage requirements thanks to its 10W output power and built in 2 receiver diversity.

The MBS design enables direct pole mounting, building or tower installation, reducing feeder losses and installation costs

As part of the PowerTrunt-T architecture the MBS can be fully integrated into a larger network deployment avoiding the need to deploy a full Base Station Site for geographically small or low traffic density areas ensuring that capital and operational costs and kept to an absolute minimum.


Scalable IP-based architecture

PowerTrunk TETRA IP-based architecture provides scalable system architecture from single site to nationwide. This means that cost of ownership will grow linearly with capacity needs without a significant initial investment. The IP-based design also allows to freely distribute redundant modules in different cabinets (with different power supply units and batteries) increasing even more the resilience against failures.

Mission Critical Design

TETRA was designed as a mission critical digital radio standard and therefore its architecture incorporates no-single-point-of-failure redundancy configurations while the subscriber radios add emergency features such, Man Down and Emergency Call with automated GPS transmission.

Voice & Data

TETRA provides group calls, private calls, broadcast calls, emergency calls...for voice communications while integrating in the same network narrowband data capabilities that can handle information such as GPS and telemetry. A single network for voice and critical data will cut investment and operational costs.

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