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Sep 26/2014

Location: Calgary, Canada

Place: Marriot Downtown

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PowerTrunk Day

PowerTrunk is holding a series of events around the world during 2014 to highlight its leadership and innovation in professional mobile communications technology and services. We welcome you to join us at your local event to find out the very latest about TETRA and related/emerging technologies, and to learn how they can enhance your organization’s efficiency and competitiveness.

PowerTrunk is a truly global company offering a full range of TETRA products, from infrastructure and base station equipment through hand-held and mobile terminals to radio modems.

PowerTrunk’s product range is unique because it also offers additional value-added services, such as integrated CAD and control center solutions and optimized data options. We strive to understand each customer’s needs and tailor each solution to his or her specific requirements, listening and gathering as much information as possible in order to provide total customer satisfaction.

The technological and business landscape is constantly changing as we accelerate into the 21st century. PowerTrunk is moving with the times, staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the professional communications space. As the world emerges from a major financial and economic upheaval, only these companies that adapt to the new conditions can survive and flourish in the upcoming years. PowerTrunk is well placed to take advantage of this new business environment.

PowerTrunk Days are your opportunity to meet and get to know us better, try out the full range of our solutions, and update your knowledge about the present and future of professional mobile communications.

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We are committed to building a success story. We open the door and challenge you to enter a world of high technology in the field of mobile communications, where you can develop your skills integrated into one of America’s most innovative and internationalized companies.

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