Tetra System


The PowerTrunk’s Mast Base Station may be easily converted into the Portable Base Station (PBS) by using an accessory to facilitate transportation.

Product information

This accessory consists of a two-wheeled trolley to bear the weight of the MBS to allow the user to effortlessly move it over all kinds of surfaces.

The PBS may be connected to the PowerTrunk-T TETRA Control Node, or SCN, of the network to act as a quickly deployable base station placed anywhere a new coverage area is needed to be set up. In addition, the PBS may also operate in isolated mode with no connection to the SCN. In this case, the PBS creates a one-carrier-system itself capable of switching and managing the radio communication services among the users within its coverage area.

Thus, the PBS is a highly flexible base station solution that delivers one TETRA carrier for those scenarios in which portability, fast deployment, and adaptability are a must, such as for disaster recovery, new coverage areas, infrastructure solution for remote areas, etc

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