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Public transport, as a basic mean of providing mobility for the general population, is a key factor in the development of our society.

Buses, trams, subways, railways, and high-speed trains, including sophisticated driverless vehicles, need an efficient communications system which grows at the same pace as their own operations, all the while as they meet the service availability and safety expectations of their customers.

For this kind of environment, POWERTRUNK provides a complete and professional solution adapted to the specific requirements of each project.

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Utilities provide essential services to the public and must continually find ways to maintain a demandingly high level of service reliability, even in case of disaster: Lights must stay on, hospitals and medical centers must be quickly restored from electrical outages, nuclear power plant incidents must be dealt with swiftly and accurately, and downed wires must be isolated and de-energized quickly to minimize danger.

PowerTrunk’s TETRA solution provides mission-critical communication features, as well as lone-worker / man-down functionality and data transmission over radio for SCADA-based telemetry applications.

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Public Safety

First Responders around the world demand mission-critical capable communication networks and applications. For this reason, the PowerTrunk-T TETRA infrastructure was designed over ten years ago following no-single-point-of-failure principles. In addition, embedded applications such as Synchronous Data Manager (SDM) and others allow users to implement truly optimized solutions.

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Whether for a mine, port, airport, factory, or any other type of industrial or commercial activity, radio communications a critical role in ensuring worker safety and optimizing daily operations.

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We are committed to building a success story. We open the door and challenge you to enter a world of high technology in the field of mobile communications, where you can develop your skills integrated into one of America’s most innovative and internationalized companies.

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