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Next Generation CeCoCo Series

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PowerTrunk writes a new chapter in current solutions for command & control with its improved CeCoCo Series
Thanks to the latest technologies and our experience of over 40 years, we continue to offer end-to-end solutions to guarantee efficient and timely operations in command & control centers.
A single solution enabling integrated communications:
  • Multi-technology RADIO support: TETRA, DMR, P25, and legacy LMR technologies
  • Mission-Critical LTE communication
  • Integrated access to public telephony networks: PSTN and cellular 3G/4G/5G
  • Native SIP, ready for integration with digital PABX

New demands require new solutions, and the Next Generation CeCoCo can be deployed for agile operation in emergency and command scenarios.

Its core control system and console provide an adaptable workspace for emergency and critical operations. The control node can be deployed in multiple locations including redundant elements and connections, so that we can guarantee 24×7 operation and the required 9’s availability. A flexible licensing scheme allows providing the desired degree of functionality that any public agency or private user may require.

Core Control

  • Supplied as a HW+SW solution based on quality COTS platforms compliant with the most demanding norms including FCC, Industry Canada (IC), and EN 50121, among others.
  • A virtualized software architecture guarantees system scalability and high availability for one or multiple physical locations.
  • Variety of physical and virtual gateways to interconnect with different network technologies.
  • Easy integration with corporate backhaul network due to its configuration behind its own high-capacity firewall.


  • Professional console based on quality COTS workstation and audio accessories.
  • Windows LTSC OS to ensure optimal performance and stability.
  • Dual Ethernet interface.•High quality touchscreens for the best comfort of the operators.
  • Easy-to-use HMI configurable with one or several touchscreens adapted to the operational requirements of any agency.
  • Embedded monitoring in the console, so that the operator has real-time information about the optimal performance of the system and its functions.

Cybersecurity Protection

Potential threats and dangers can be minimized in the command & control center by adding specific licenses to the CeCoCo solution to guarantee secure operation.

Advanced Cyber Protection

Provides hardening of the entire system by implementing a series of countermeasures and safeguards that minimize system vulnerability in accordance with a least- privilege use policy. It encompasses settings to reinforce accounting, access control, authentication, login and auditing, monitoring, change and modification, filtering, etc.

Malware Protection

The system can operate with a set of antimalware solutions to prevent the spread, infection, installation, and execution of any sort of malware. Both antivirus and white-listing are used under the malware protection licenses, according to the working scenario and requirements of OT systems.

International Standards

  • API STD 1164
  • ISA-99/IEC 62443
  • ISO/IEC 27001
  • NIST SP 800-82r2
  • NIST SP 800-53r4
  • NIST SP 800-92
  • NIST SP 800-128


The console workspace can be customized with one or several touch screens for enabling advanced call handling and dispatching. Two operational models are supported: direct dispatching with push-to-talk, or pre-configured dispatching with pre-defined communications functions for the operator.


A specific license enables the use of a dynamic map representing the transport infrastructure. The custom UI embeds communication capabilities and specific operational functions such as real-time location display, alarm management, or transport unit coupling, among others.


The console can embed external information originated from remote sources such as contact location information, external alarms, and sensor values, which are converted into notifications that provide the operator with the specific context for efficient command operations.


Integration with broadband networks, both public and private, enable new services such as receiving and delivering real-time video streaming. Access to mobile video improves the contextual information and helps the operator in emergency dispatch.



CeCoCo is the right choice for 911 emergency centers. A dedicated module allows orchestration of incident management to provide the best response in critical situations when combined with the Communications and GIS modules. It can be used in multi-agency deployments allowing centralization in a single incident record all related information for later analysis.


A set of tools allows post-processing all information managed by CeCoCo during its operation so that supervisors and managers can have an accurate picture of the performance of the system, operational KPIs, and any required data for forensics analysis or legal processes.


Easy-to-use and intuitive web-based administration tool for centralized customization of user profiles, definition of privileges and permissions, as well as common configuration of graphical components. Administration is fully compatible with 24×7 operation and downtime is minimized since changes are applied to consoles and user profiles in real-time.


An updated set of C2A APIs offers flexible mechanisms to integrate CeCoCo functionality with third-party applications including external recorders, video streams, ANI/ALI information, or data originated from Intelligent Transport Systems.

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