Major Land Mobile Radio Contracts Recently Awarded to PowerTrunk’s Parent Company, Teltronic S.A.U., in Peru, Malaysia and Poland

New York City, NY — February 20, 2012 –PowerTrunk, a leader in land mobile radio systems, announces that its parent company, Teltronic S.A.U., has recently been awarded land mobile radio contracts by the Lima Electric Train in Peru, by Sapura Secured Technologies in Malaysia and by the Warsaw Metro in Poland. PowerTrunk is responsible for distribution and customer support of the same equipment in North America. Links to the detailed press releases are included below.

“We are proud that our TETRA technology is being chosen by an increasing number of major transit and public safety users around the world,” said Jose M. Martin, Executive VP and COO of PowerTrunk and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer of Teltronic. “The contract with Sapura is a significant step to take the lead in Asia-Pacific, including the ambitious goal of integrating TETRA services over LTE in the near future. In Peru, we have been confirmed as a reliable supplier to provide safe communications to the mass transit system of Lima. Furthermore, in Poland, we have been endorsed by the Siemens-Newag consortium as the best choice to address the strict requirements of Warsaw Metro Line 2. Even though the global financial crisis has adversely affected some regions, our company is experiencing very significant growth.”

1. TELTRONIC partners with Malaysia’s Sapura Secured Technologies to develop the critical communications solutions of the future

Following the recent signing of a comprehensive framework agreement, Teltronic will work together with Malaysia’s Sapura Secured Technologies to build the largest TETRA network outside Europe and develop innovative next-generation solutions

The Malaysian firm Sapura Secured Technologies has awarded Teltronic a contract to supply a wide-area TETRA network which will provide coverage to the Kuala Lumpur region and other territories across Malaysia. The initial network design includes 112 site base stations and redundant switching control nodes. In addition, Teltronic will supply three inter-system nodes to provide seamless communications with the existing nationwide TETRA network managed by Sapura. The project, which incorporates the highest level of mission-critical requirements and service availability, is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

Besides the TETRA network supply contract, Sapura and Teltronic have agreed to collaborate in the field of specialized mission-critical LTE solutions via a long-term joint development program. The 3GPP LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard is emerging as the preferred technology for future, high-speed mobile broadband services.

Sapura and Teltronic have also undertaken a joint initiative to set up a local TETRA Center of Competence in Malaysia for the benefit of existing and future users of Teltronic equipment across the Asia-Pacific region. In turn, a commercial cooperation framework has also been agreed upon which will result in a closer integration of Teltronic and Sapura core technologies to address a wide range of user requirements. (For the entire press release go to

2. TELTRONIC repeats its success with Lima Electric Train

Lima Electric Train, which is radically transforming the Peruvian capital’s public transport system, has just awarded the TETRA radio communications system for Phase 2 to Teltronic.

The Electric Train Consortium, made up by the Brazilian company Odebrecht (67%) and Peruvian Graña y Montero (33%), has recently chosen Teltronic to supply the radio communications system for Phase 2, which extends the route of Lima Metro Line 1 from the Centre of Lima (Grau Avenue) to San Juan de Lurigancho, Peru’s most populous neighborhood in the East of the city.

The Electric Train is a large-scale project promoted by the Peruvian government to improve the flow of traffic in this capital city of over 10 million inhabitants. The Electric Train, which is due to start commercial operations now during early 2012, completes Line 1 of the old Lima Metro, connecting in its first phase of 16 stations and 22 kilometers of track, Villa El Salvador in the south of the city with Central Lima. Now, in its second phase, made up of an extra 10 stations and 12 kilometers of track, it will reach as far as San Juan de Lurigancho, a huge neighborhood located to the East of the city.  (For the entire press release go to

3. TELTRONIC awarded important TETRA contract in Polish transport sector

Polish rolling stock specialist, Newag contracted Teltronic for advanced on-board TETRA solutions for Warsaw Metro Line 2.

Following a productive period of collaboration and testing with Warsaw Metro, Teltronic has once again been able to demonstrate the superiority of its TETRA technology for the rail transport sector during the implementation of the new suburban Line 2 project in the Polish capital.

The Siemens-Newag Transportation consortium was awarded the contract for the supply of rolling stock for the new Warsaw Metro line. In turn, Polish rolling stock manufacturer, Newag, the key local partner in this consortium, entrusted Teltronic with the supply of specialized on-board equipment for an initial 35 trains.  (For the entire press release go to

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PowerTrunk Inc. is the subsidiary of Teltronic® S.A.U.  responsible for business development, distribution and customer support for Teltronic land mobile radio projects in North America. PowerTrunk is headquartered in New York City. With 35 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting digital and analog land mobile radio turnkey projects, Teltronic S.A.U. has more than 300 systems installed in 50 countries. Teltronic’s LMR solutions are widely deployed in the public safety, oil and gas, transportation and utilities industries. LMR equipment includes conventional and trunked infrastructure systems, mobiles, hand portables and dispatching consoles for TETRA, P25, WiMAX/LTE and MPT-1327 technologies. Headquartered in Spain, Teltronic S.A.U. has direct commercial presence in over 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States. For more information, go |

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