New RTP-800 TETRA+LTE to Revolutionize Train-to-Ground Communications

PowerTrunk,  a manufacturer and provider of radio communication solutions for transport, presents the new RTP-800, a new generation on-board terminal that integrates TETRA, LTE, and Wi-Fi for voice and data critical communications in a single 19” rack.

New Jersey, 9th of June 2020

• PowerTrunk announces its new multi-technology on-board equipment (TETRA, LTE, and Wi-Fi) that integrates critical communication voice services and broadband data services in a single rack.
• EN50155 and EN45545 compliant, it provides digital audio (VoIP) capabilities and multiple interconnection possibilities, facilitating its integration with the various subsystems of trams, metros, trains, and buses.
• The technology used has been validated for ETCS, CBTC, and PTC railway signaling applications, and its design has been geared towards meeting the future FRMCS requirements.

The new on-board equipment, with a compact design and easy to install, is configured as a single, standardized hardware platform that supports multiple configurations:  TETRA (voice and data), TETRA (voice) + LTE (data), or LTE (MCPTT and VoIP services for voice and broadband data services).

Based on this multi-configuration approach, the main novelty provided by the RTP-800, and which makes it unique in the market, is that its hardware may be fully dedicated to broadband communications, a completely independent and transparent interface that allows transmission data without interfering with mission critical functionalities and without having to add additional equipment to the rack.

In this way, this new on-board unit permits massive transmission of data for railway signaling applications and on-board video services, among others, while all voice services can continue to be normally employed simultaneously.

Another point to highlight is that it offers wide connectivity possibilities with Ethernet, serial ports, and Wi-Fi, as well as a digital audio switching matrix that facilitates integration with train audio subsystems, such as intercom and public address systems.

In addition, the RTP-800 comes standard with interfaces for connection to other subsystems, such as the Train Control Management System (TCMS), and its TETRA and LTE technologies have been validated for ETCS (European Train Control System), CBTC (Communications-Based Train Control) and PTC (Positive Train Control) applications.

The terminal has been designed to comply with the European FRMCS standard (Future Railway Mobile Communication System), which is being defined by the International Union of Railways to be used by high-speed trains.

The new equipment is certified according to EN50155 (Electronic Equipment Used on Rolling Stock for Railway Applications) and EN45545 (Protection Against Fire Incidents in Railways) regulations. Regarding security, the equipment complies with the European cybersecurity standard for industrial environments, EN62443.

With this new product release, PowerTrunk expands its portfolio by reinforcing its well-known range of on-board equipment and solutions for buses, metros, trams, and railways.

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