PowerTrunk Demonstrates the Interoperability of Its P25 Infrastructure

Successful CAP tests are further evidence PowerTrunk's commitment to interoperability

New York City, NY — August 2, 2010 – PowerTrunk™ Inc. a global leader in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) design, manufacture and implementation, today announced the successful completion of its Project 25 (P25) infrastructure system interoperability tests with multiple portables and mobiles from four P25 equipment manufacturers. The tests were conducted as part of the formal DHS Compliance Assessment Program (CAP). Participating equipment manufacturers were EF Johnson Technologies, Kenwood USA, Motorola and Tait Radio Communications.

All of the P25 Phase 1 Common Air Interface (CAI) trunked Interoperability testing required by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) were successfully completed. TIA test specifications are outlined in TSB-102.CBBJ and in section and of the February 2009 DHS OIC Project 25 Compliance Assessment Bulletin, P25-CAB-CAI_TEST_REQ. The testing took place in June, 2010, at the Timco Engineering laboratories in Florida.

“PowerTrunk is committed to engineering a P25 system that is fully interoperable with other manufacturers’ terminals,” said Jose Martin, Chief Operating Officer of PowerTrunk. “Recently we completed a multivendor ISSI interoperability test. The successful results of the CAP formal testing provide additional testimony of our commitment to interoperability.”

The P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) was created to ensure P25 interoperability across manufacturers. The CAP establishes a process to confirm that P25 equipment complies with all aspects of the standards. CAP is a partnership of the Department of Homeland Security’s Command, Control and Interoperability Division, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the telecommunications industry, and the emergency response community. Initially the program is focused on the Common Air Interface, which allows for over-the-air compatibility between mobile and portable radios and tower equipment.

Visit PowerTrunk at the APCO tradeshow in Houston, Texas, August 1 – 3, 2010, Booth #1461 to see a demo of the PowerTrunk multi-technology platform for P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2, TETRA and mobile WiMAX.

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PowerTrunk Inc. is the subsidiary of Teltronic® S.A.U. responsible for business development, distribution and customer support for Teltronic land mobile radio projects in North America. PowerTrunk is headquartered in New York City.

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