PowerTrunk to Demonstrate LMR Software-only Upgrade to P25 Phase 2 at IWCE

P25 LMR system is designed for long-term investment

New York City, NY — March 16, 2009 – PowerTrunk25™ Inc. a global leader in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) design, manufacture, and implementation, announced it will demo at IWCE how its PowerTrunk25 TM LMR infrastructure system can upgrade to the TDMA structure required for P25 Phase 2 with only a software change – in a matter of minutes.

The PowerTrunk25 main controller, base stations, and repeaters are completely ready for P25 Phase 2 TDMA structure; migration requires absolutely no hardware upgrades. This is because the system is based on Teltronic technology developed for its Nebula® (TETRA) line of products. The PowerTrunk25 infrastructure system has the same architecture, network elements, and RF elements. In the demo at IWCE we will show how the PowerTrunk25 repeaters can be updated to a TDMA technology using the PowerTrunk Firmware Manager, a tool that allows network managers to automatically update the software release of the complete P25 system from a centralized point. In addition, PowerTrunk will show how handheld terminals from other manufacturers can interoperate on the infrastructure. PowerTrunk will also present a P25 handheld prototype that can be software-only updated to a TDMA structure and has outstanding features such as a color display and a built-in GPS receiver in a small and light design.

“To protect their investment, radio communications users want to implement hardware platforms that can evolve to keep up with technology advances,” said Mr. Jose Martin, COO of PowerTrunk. “Our demonstration at IWCE proves that the products we are delivering today are ready for the 2-slot and even 4-slot TDMA technology that will be required in P25 Phase 2. Decision makers are assured that, should they decide to move a complete system or part of a system to Phase 2, they will be able to do so with just a software upgrade.”

PowerTrunk recently announced its entry into the North American market with the opening of its subsidiary in New York City. The first product in the PowerTrunk25TM line is an LMR infrastructure system that will be offered in conventional and trunked P25 digital modes and in VHF, UHF, 700 and 800 MHz bands. Specifically designed for mission-critical applications, PowerTrunk25 is powerful, secure, reliable, and software upgradeable.

The end-to-end core IP design allows the PowerTrunk25 system to rely on standard switching equipment to route voice and data packets – reducing switching cost and obsolescence risk. This design also includes Teltronic’s patented method for sending voice over IP/Ethernet, reducing inherent IP delays and optimizing bandwidth requirements.

Please visit us at the IWCE tradeshow in Las Vegas, March 18 – 20 at booth #957.

About PowerTrunk Inc. and Teltronic S.A.U.
PowerTrunk Inc. is the subsidiary of Teltronic® S.A.U. responsible for business development, distribution and customer support for Teltronic land mobile radio projects in North America. The company is headquartered in New York City.

With 35 years’ experience designing, manufacturing, implementing and supporting digital and analog land mobile radio turnkey projects, Teltronic S.A.U. has more than 300 systems installed in 50 countries. Teltronic’s LMR solutions are widely deployed in the public safety, oil and gas, transportation, and utilities industries. We own 100% of our LMR technology which includes conventional and trunked infrastructure systems, mobiles, hand portables and dispatching consoles. The company manufactures conventional PMR, MPT-1327, TETRA, P25 and WiMAX solutions. Headquartered in Spain, Teltronic S.A.U. is one of the fastest growing TETRA solutions providers today, with a direct commercial presence in over 25 countries throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Latin America and the United States. For more information please visit

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